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t can protect the electric line equipment from overload and short circuit.

Technical parameter

  • Standard:IEC60898-1
  • Rated voltage(Ue):230/400V;50/60HZ
  • Rated breaking capacity:
  • 6000A IEC898(0.5-63A)
  • 10000A IEC947-2(0.5-63A)
  • DC short circuit breaking capacity:
  • Max 48V(DL7-100000A)single-pole
  • Max 250V(DL7-DC,6000A)single-pole
  • Characteristic curve:B,C,D
  • Max connectable fuse:100AgL(>10000A)
  • Selectivity class:ClassⅢ
  • Working ambient temperature:-5~+40℃
  • Enclosed protective class:IP40(under mounting)
  • Electrical Life:≥8000 times make-break operation
  • Mecanical Life:≥20000 times make-break operation
  • Exposed face length:45mm
  • Casing height:80mm
  • Installation mode:DIN rail 35mm
  • Terminal form:The double function terminal can connect with busbar and conductor.
  • Connecting capacity of terminal:
  • conductor 1-25mm2(excepted 1P+N)
  • 1-25mm2/1-2 10mm2(N)(1P+N)
  • Busbar thickness:0.8-2mm