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DL7NL-40 6000A


  • The slimest 6kA RCBO in this word.the newest design compares with competitiors.
  • Genuine 6kA fault level declared after hundreds of seriously passed test.suit both residential and commercial applications.
  • Top and bottom line and load compatible newest design for ease of installation.
  • 10 years R&D,wholely patent protected
  • Type A RCBO protection guarantees complete safety
  • Single module is ideal to save valuable switchboard space.
  • Two pole safety feature allows switching of both Active and Neutral contacts.
  • Easy to retrofit an MCB with RCBO
  • No flying leads.

Technical Data

  • Standard:IEC61009-1
  • Rated Breaking Capaicity:6000A
  • Rated Current of Structure Design:40A
  • Voltage and Frequency:240V,50/60Hz
  • Rated Current:6,10,16,20,25,32,40A
  • Rated Tripping Current I△n:30,100mA
  • Max.Breaking Time:0.1S
  • Mechanical Life:10000times
  • Electrical Life:1500times
  • Usage Types:AC-22
  • Protection Grade:IP20
  • Max.Cable Size:25mm2
  • Technical Parameters as below;
  • Installation Type:Ⅲ
  • Installation on 35mm standard DIN rail
  • Vertical installed,the upside of handle be connected with current
  • Avoid obvious shock or vibration